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Best Plugins for Magento eCommerce stores to raise conversions

Best Plugins for Magento eCommerce stores to raise conversions

Magento is a fantastic tool for developing eCommerce sites. It provides businesses with a base to get started on their journey but also leaves enough room for personalizing the user experience. To become profitable, a store should leverage this space with the help of third-party apps to set themselves apart from the competition. Over time, the more successful your store becomes, you would need to think about shifting to these apps and plugins that will help you do routine tasks faster and contribute to your store’s revenue.

Made by teams who have had years of experience working with eCommerce companies, all you will have to do is set the rules and then watch as these apps automate tasks. With these tools cutting your workload, you can re-focus your energies on core business decisions.

In this list, we’ve tried to look at some of the best tools for Magento1 that can help growing eCommerce stores boost their conversions.

1. Analytics

Google Analytics Analytics forms the basis of most of the business decisions of an eCommerce business, and Google Analytics is still one of the best. It is easy to implement on any site, and once it’s in place, you can use Google’s Tag Manager to enable enhanced eCommerce tracking. This tool gives eCommerce store owners deep insight into how users interact with their site like creating a sales funnel, revenue per product, popular search terms, checkout behaviour, etc.
Pricing starts at - Free.

2. Quick Checkout

Small business owners have started to realize the importance of having a quick checkout process is to streamline their conversion process and capture purchase intent quickly. Magento checkout pages can be very long and tedious and have a lot of opportunities for customers to abandon their purchase.

OneStep Checkout creates a compact single page checkout to help shoppers convert faster. It even has a registration form on the checkout page for simplification. With customizable themes, you can make this page inline with your store’s visual designs.
Pricing starts at - $570 (Installation charges $85).

Checkout Suite by IWD Agency is also a one-page checkout plugin which can automatically recognize if a customer has an account based on their email address. It assists customers to enter their payment information with examples in the text fields and can fetch saved credit card information.
Pricing starts at - Free.

3. Loyalty Programs

Repeat customers have higher lifetime value and contribute much to your brand’s success and reputation. You need to give careful consideration to what form of a loyalty program (cash, discount, or points) will work best with your customer base.

Reward Points by Aheadworks helps you create multi-layered reward systems to which you can assign customer groups. You can then create promotions based on purchase history, customer attributes and more. You can do this by creating discount coupons for different groups and can incentivise customers to purchase more.
Pricing starts at - $349.

Loyalty program by Aitoc can help you incentivize customers based on order history, average order value and purchase frequency. You can create multiple reward tiers and exclude products from your loyalty plans. You will also be able to record transactions for tracking non-shopping cart transactions.
Pricing starts at - $129.

4. Live Chat

Live Chat has become one of the best ways you can interact with customers for eCommerce businesses. Visitors prefer it as they can instantly seek help regarding any doubts they may have about the product instead of writing an email. From a store owner’s perspective, it helps keep traffic on site and keep them engaged.

LiveChat by LiveChat is a chat tool that seeks to provide a customized experience to shoppers. It can be integrated with other email automation services so that you can continue the conversation with your clients. You will be able to create canned responses for frequently asked questions. It also tracks some analytics like visitor information, timeline, etc. which can be sent to Google Analytics.
Pricing starts at - Free.

Zopim Chat by Better Deals integrates the chat widget provided by Zendesk with Magento 2 shops. Store owner can interact with their visitors, provide support, know the statistics of the visits, get offline messages, etc.
Pricing starts at - $39 (Installation $49).

5. Site Search

Site search users are twice as likely to convert and are usually in the final stages of their purchase journey. Your site needs a fast and accurate eCommerce search solution to capture this high-purchase intent. helps you build the best search experience for your users and offers world-class speed and reliability right from the very first keystroke. With features like search as you type, facets, search analytics, multiple language support, relevance customization and much more, SearchTap offers an amazingly powerful search experience. It works just as well on mobile devices as it does with desktops.
Pricing starts at - $59 per month.

6. Email pop-up

Building up your email database is crucial to having a loyal customer base. Though pop-ups are not very popular with audiences if they have a strong call to action and the right incentive for your customer, they can be effective.

Popup by Magebird will be able to show your customers pop-ups based on the cart status, URL, referral, product and other conditions. You can also customize multiple pop-ups to appear in your store pages that are triggered by a variety of events like store exits or referral from specific geographies.
Pricing starts at - Free (Installation charges $49).

Smart Popups by Poptin lets you create different customizable pop-ups based on visitor engagement like time spent on a page, traffic source, page views, etc. These pop-ups can appear in the language of your choosing. You will be able to customize HTML for embedding polls, quizzes, share buttons, etc.
Pricing starts at - Free. Basic Plan starts from $19 per month.

7. Social media shares

Visitors sharing products from your eCommerce store with their social circle is one of the best ways any store can get some publicity. You need to facilitate this sharing by having prominent buttons and incentives that can entice users to share their purchase or reviews.

Affiliate System by Webkul takes it a step further and allows the online merchants to set up an affiliate marketing system for their e-commerce store. You can monitor Affiliate Commission Rates can and set by pay-per-click, per-unique-click, fixed or percentage commission.
Pricing starts at - $45 (Installation Charges $9).

Shariff Social Share by JaJuMa GmbH allows your visitors to share their favourite products across your choice of 22 social media platforms. It also supports 25 languages to match your store locale. It also has a responsive design so that social share buttons are hidden on mobile and can appear when the share icon is clicked.
Pricing starts at - $99 (Installation charges $99).

8. Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews also form an essential aspect of your store’s social proof. When your visitors can see that other people have bought your products and read about their experiences, they are motivated to make a purchase.

Verified Reviews by SAS Net Reviews allows you to collect customer reviews about your products. After a purchase, shoppers will receive an automated email asking them to leave a review which you can easily display on your website. It also can be configured into your prefered language.
Pricing starts at - Free for fifteen days, $99 per month.

Feefo Ratings & Reviews invites people to return to your site so that they can leave a review. It sends a personalized email invitation to every completed order on your website. It also can analyse the tone of a review and alert you so you can respond to them quickly.
Pricing starts at - Free Trial.

9. Currency Converter

As your store grows, it will see traffic from all over the world. Having your store show prices in the local currency saves your customers the headache of converting. This extension goes a long way in making your eCommerce store more welcoming and engaging.

Currency Switcher by MageWorx automatically switches currency for customers based on their IP address. You can also set expectations for this by specifying which URLs you want currency switching to be disabled. You can also customize country-currency relations in the backend to customize your pricing policy. It also has Order Geo IP to prevent fraudulent transactions.
Pricing starts at - $79 (Installation Charges $69).

Paypal Multi Currency by Meetanshi lets store owners using PayPal Checkout as the payment convert currency during payment. When shoppers can make purchases in their preferred currency, it creates a smoother checkout process.
Pricing starts at - $49 (Installation Charges $49).

10. Inventory Management

Managing and updating hundreds of products can be a pain for any eCommerce store. With the help of these apps, you can edit your inventory in bulk and focus your energies on growing your business.

Customer Group Catalog Permissions by Aheadworks helps unite both B2C and B2B of an eCommerce store by splitting the store catalog content among different customer segments. Store admins are able to display or hide any store catalog elements from irrelevant groups for a customized shopping experience.
Pricing starts at - $249.

Advanced Inventory by Wyomind helps you by automatically updating your inventory from your point of sale or warehouse. It also displays stock levels of each item on your Magento product pages and will notify you when the stock status of an item runs low.
Pricing starts at - $235 (Installation charges $50).


Scaling can be challenging if you don’t take advantage of some of these apps. The most important thing you need to look at when evaluating which apps are going to be a good fit for your business is customer service.

There are many cases that an enjoyable shopping experience is spoiled for an eCommerce store because of poor customer support. The right product is one that has readily available support to help troubleshoot any problems that you may have. SearchTap has worked with many online stores from all over the world and has gotten a deep understanding of the pain points of eCommerce businesses. We prioritise customer support to help your site search run as smoothly as possible. To know how SearchTap can help increase search conversions on your store by 20-40%, join us for a short demo and let us understand how we can help you. has helped many e-commerce stores improve their site search but also increase search conversions by 30-40%. You can learn more by booking a personalized demo with us or emailing us at
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