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Why should you choose over Searchanise for your e-commerce search?

SearchTap vs. Searchanise

Looking for alternatives for Searchanise? Shopify, Magento or any other platform, users on your e-commerce platform deserve the best search experience possible.

Searchanise works well for an out-of-the-box solution, but you need more to deliver a comprehensive e-commerce experience to your shoppers. not only provides you with a supercharged search bar for your e-commerce search, but our customer success team also ensure that your store’s visual design is not disturbed.

Let’s look more into what you can expect out-of-the-box with

1. Custom Search Experience

E-commerce businesses spend a lot of time and resources in making their sites unique and stand apart from the competition. With SearchTap, you will have a dedicated customer success team making sure that the search experience falls in line with how your site looks.

2. Search as you type

Shorten the journey a user takes on your e-commerce website and helps capture purchase intent quickly. Speed up your search results and display relevant results as soon as the user begins typing. This means that if a user edits or re-initiates a query, SearchTap changes the results accordingly.

3. Dynamic Filtering

Dynamic filters or faceting that eliminates loading when a user chooses a category allowing them to refine their queries to get to the product they want to see. These filters are available as soon as a user starts searching and appear on top of SearchTap’s search page as well as on the side to deliver a responsive search experience.

4. Customizable

Having a bland search box could be a bit jarring to your users. If you are positioning your e-commerce brand in a way that sets it apart from the competition, then the search aspect of the site or app should follow suit. SearchTap offers the search API and also helps to customise the visual design of the search box.

5. Support

If something suddenly stops working on your site search is your developer capable of learning and taking care of the issue? SearchTap’s support will only be a click away. On top of that SearchTap offers search and relevance tuning consultation to make sure that your search users get the best results from day one.

6. Search Page

With search as you type, it doesn’t make sense to have a traditional search results page. Instead, as soon as a user clicks the search bar, the page changes to give the user a loading free distraction less experience. SearchTap transforms whichever page a user is on into the search page and helps to keep a site user engaged for as long as possible.

7. Mobile Support

Mobile has changed the way users interact with the internet and more than any other, this has been seen in the e-commerce industry. SearchTap can deliver seamless search to visitors on your store coming with different mobile platforms and screen resolutions.

8. Search Accuracy

It’s taking care of the little things that make our e-commerce search a delight when used.

  • Broad Match - SearchTap’s technology recognises that when a user searches for “formal shoe” they want to see results for “formal shoes”. Instead of taking users to a “did you mean..” page, take them directly to the results.
  • Synonyms - SearchTap allows you to configure alternate names with which your visitors are using your search for. These are can be 1-way or 2-way synonyms. 1-way synonyms are those in which one word may lead to another, eg. “dark” leading to “black”, but not the other way around. 2-way synonyms are those terms which can be used interchangeably eg. “blow dryer” and “hair dryer”.
  • Typo Tolerance - SearchTap’s algorithm does not give zero results for simple spelling mistakes. Instead of breaking a search user’s flow, show relevant results. Eg. “sbarf” instead of “scarf”
  • Supports long tail keywords - SearchTap consistently provides accurate search results even for long tail keyword searches. Capitalize on the high intent customers that are coming to your store. Eg. “gold bracelet with clasp”

Enhance your customer shopping experience and boost sales with’s lightning fast intelligent search solution.

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