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“SearchTap does everything we wanted from a hosted search solution. I personally love the search-as-you-type and adaptive type correction feature. Super easy to use too!”

- Aayush Pahuja, Business Head - Voxpop

Voxpop Searchtap Case Study


Search Speed on the website
Reduced load on servers
Increased time spent by visitor
2 Weeks
Implementation Time

Beautiful website, disappointing search

Since the launch of their website back in 2013, Voxpop was using Magento’s native site search. Over the years, they analyzed customers were constantly experiencing laggy, irrelevant search and knew it was time to switch to a search solution that was fast, relevant and could improve product discovery.

  • Magento’s native site search was not just slow but also had trouble understanding shoppers’ intention and misguided them for the simplest of queries.
  • Users looking for a “t-shirt” would see no results if they searched with the terms “tee” or “tshirt”. The default search provided no option to setup synonyms which they clearly wanted.
  • They were also struggling with “Zero Results” being shown for spelling mistakes which users often make. A search for “Supermn” would yield no results which compelled potential customers to drop off.
  • The search was unable to remove out-of-stock items from the search results which resulted in increased exit rates.

Voxpop clearly needed a search solution that was fast, relevant and had powerful features like search-as-you-type, typo-tolerance and dynamic filters that the native search lacked.

The Solution

To resolve their onsite search challenges, Voxpop chose SearchTap’s hosted search and integrated Magento Extension

  • Features like search-as-you-type anticipated what users were searching for in first 3-4 keystrokes. This enabled them to find relevant results in seconds resulting in better click-throughs and conversion rates.
  • SearchTap’s typo-tolerance capabilities would show auto-corrected, relevant results for even the most complex spelling errors/typos.
  • Synonyms sets were configured to improve search relevancy and also correct common spelling mistakes.
  • Real time indexing kept their extensive catalog up to date. Any latest product additions, price changes or inventory updates ensured customers were always searching across an up to date catalog.


Voxpop was able to get SearchTap integrated in about two weeks. They were impressed with highly relevant results as compared to the native magento search.

The search speed had 80X improvement. The average search speed came down from 2 seconds to 25ms with SearchTap.

With search being powered by SearchTap, the load on Magento Servers reduced by 30% compared to default magento search.

VoxPop was also able to see their average visitor time on website increasing by 20% compared to the period when they were using default magento search.

Additionally using the search analytics, the marketing team at VoxPop can now better understand customer behavior and drive crucial decision making.

Top Search Queries
Query Hits
game of thrones 3639
harry potter 2388
batman 2075
flash 1739
superman 1582
Top Zero Result Queries
Query Hits
hoodie 115
hoodies 105
naruto 82
jacket 66
jackets 60
We’ve found SearchTap’s search analytics to be a goldmine of invaluable data - learning about the top search queries, queries with zero results, etc. and using these reports to make necessary changes to drive crucial business decisions.