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Site search contributes 34% of e-commerce revenue globally.
If customers can’t find an item, they simply move on!

  • Search results in milliseconds
  • Contextually
  • Tailored to your
  • SearchTap helps you build the best search experience for your customers by delivering relevant results at lightning fast speed. Under the hood, we use advanced predictive analytics and adaptive machine learning algorithms to help customers find relevant results from the very first keystroke.

  • SearchTap automatically completes search queries by delivering rich, insightful and intuitive product suggestions to customers, moving them from search box to checkout. With superior language modeling techniques such as full text search, n-gram matching and stemming, customers find relevant products in no time.

  • SearchTap allows merchandisers to control which information is indexed and offers the flexibility to influence search result rankings. Clients can increase engagement on specific products by "boosting" certain content or using custom attributes such as ratings, monthly sales, margins, etc.

Autocomplete Search

See search results as you type

With investments in unrivalled technology and best in class cloud infrastructure, SearchTap offers world class speed and reliability at each keystroke. Search results appear as users type and are displayed as a combination of images and text, offering a rich user experience that helps improve product discovery.

Mobile Search

Perfect for mobile

According to Bloomberg, ~45% of all eCommerce traffic come from mobile devices. Searchtap offers the same search experience on mobile devices as it does on desktops and tablets. Product images, filters, and product descriptions are carefully optimized and presented in mobile responsive layouts to increase user engagement and conversions. Search-as-you-type and typo-tolerance help customers find whatever they fancy on any device of their choice. We also offer REST APIs for iOS, Android, Windows and Hybrid apps.


Handles spelling mistakes

Customers often make spelling mistakes as they type and land on "no results" page. SearchTap's inbuilt typo-tolerant algorithm automatically corrects such typos and shows results for corrected search queries.

Sponsored Products Search

Sponsored Products

SearchTap gives you complete control over search result rankings to increase product engagement on selected brands, higher margin products, new arrivals, seasonal items or stuck inventory. It also allows merchandisers to influence search results as they like and promote products to meet business specific goals.

Search Filters

Smart filters to engage high intent users

Product filters generally vary across categories. SearchTap's faceted search shows the most relevant filters for every search query, allowing users to refine search results across attributes such as price, size, color, brand and more. Filters are generated dynamically and arranged automatically in order of priority depending on user search patterns making product selection easier for visitors with a high purchase intent.

Site Search Analytics

Intelligent Insights

SearchTap provides merchandisers with data-driven insights that help drive crucial decision making. Our all-in-one intuitive dashboard provides real time reporting and detailed insights on search terms, zero result queries, popular search trends, etc to help improve customer shopping experience and increase sales.

Easy Integration

SearchTap easily integrates with popular eCommerce platforms & content management systems such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WordPress, Drupal & Joomla.

Code Free Setup

Integrating our search technology software is dead-simple: just copy-paste a javascript code snippet site wide or install our plugin once and you are ready to go live.

Seamless Indexing

SearchTap keeps your product catalog always indexed by updating itself regularly. You can request a manual re-index using the

Search relevance tuning by experts

Clients around the globe trust SearchTap as their preferred search partner. If you are considering to offer your visitors a better search experience or just want more information, we're happy to help you.

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"Really Impressive"

We're impressed with SearchTap for a variety of reasons - it's pretty easy to integrate, and search results are intuitively relevant. Checking search analytics our new favorite pastime.

Stuart Rae
Founder & CEO at


"Incredibly Easy!"

SearchTap does everything you would want from a hosted search solution. I love the auto-complete and adaptive type correction feature. Super easy to use too!

Dhruv Dhingra
Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

"Highly Recommended"

We came across SearchTap while redesigning our website. Their hosted search platform was easy and hassle free to integrate. The Instant Search has given great results ever since.

Richa Kapoor
Marketing Manager at Absolutdata