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Adaptive Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Full Text Search
  • Ngram Matching
  • Stemming
  • The SearchTap search engine uses text queries to perform searches against data in its indexes by examining all words and phrases based on rules of a particular language (such as English, German, etc). User queries can include simple words and phrases or multiple forms of a word or phrase. SearchTap employs advanced algorithms to rank results by how relevant they are to the given search query.

  • SearchTap uses n-gram models to help users find results for multiple word queries that are similar but not exactly the same as the text in the search index. Taking the example of an electronics store website which sells many products that have the phrase "music player" in the specifications but no products with the term "musicplayer". SearchTap would still return "music player" product results for the query "musicplayer" even though there is no exact match.

  • Stemming is the process of reducing words to their root forms - generally a written word form and is very successfully used for information retrieval. In order to stem a word, SearchTap's algorithm tries to match it with stems from the database, applying various constraints, such as the relative length of the candidate stem within the word. Stemming enables the search to return highly relevant matches that would otherwise be missed.

As You Type Search

With investments in unrivalled technology and best in class cloud infrastructure, SearchTap helps you build the best search experience for your users and offers world class speed and reliability at each keystroke. Under the hood, we use advanced predictive analytics and language modeling algorithms to help users find most relevant information within your data.


We know that your visitors look for that one article or piece of information which is of an extremely valuable to them. As the user types, one or more possible matches are presented to them. This immediate feedback often allows users to stop short of typing the entire word or phrase they were looking for and may choose a closely related option from the results list.


SearchTap's inbuilt typo tolerant algorithm helps reduce common spelling mistakes as users perform searches. Every search term is checked against our search index and other search queries to identify typing errors. Our algorithms automatically correct mistakes to show results for correct search terms or can be configured alternatively for ("did you mean ...?").

Search Relevance

Searchtap offers same speed and reliability on mobile devices and tablets as it does on desktops. Search-as-you-type and Spellcheck help users find whatever they fancy on any device of their choice. Images, filters, and content is carefully optimised and presented to users in fully customisable mobile responsive layouts. Ready to use APIs are available for iOS, Android and Windows apps.


SearchTap provides search rankings automatically, but sometimes businesses require the flexibility to influence search result rankings in order to drive more traffic to specific pages. SearchTap offers an option to manually add/remove pages or assign a custom ranking to particular search results that are expected to yield better business results.


Website users find it difficult to stay focused when there are too many results for a search term. To counter this real life problem, SearchTap highlights the user search terms within results. Selective highlighting helps users to pay attention to the essential information within a text and is pretty useful for content rich websites or blogs.

Dynamic Search Filters

Searchtap uses a faceted search technique for accessing information in large data set by allowing users to find results quickly by applying multiple filters as they search. These dynamic filters are particularly helpful for eCommerce websites that may use search on a number of product attributes such as type, brand, price, etc. Real life examples include the filtering options that appear on or Google Shopping after a keyword is searched.


The SearchTap search engine adds a unique relevance ranking score to display search results in a particular order. At the same time, SearchTap also allows users to influence these search rankings by "boosting" certain content while indexing or using custom attributes (business metrics such as product ratings, monthly sales, margins, etc) to compute relevance during searches. By adding custom attributes, search results are built and sorted by combining text-relevance criteria along with the custom rankings.


There exists a serious concern knowing what exactly a visitor would search for, will it be 'coach or carriage'?. With Searchtap, the results for both these words will be the same. By carefully creating associations between search terms, you can improve chances that our search engine will find just what your users are looking for.

Geo Search Feature

For certain types of search results, the location of the person doing the search matters. A search for "coffee shop" or "doctor" is most likely not an abstract or academic one, but a practical search for an immediate need. Finding a nearby place to get coffee, or a local doctor to consult, is the result most likely to make users happy. SearchTap combines geo and search to optimise search results based on location information and takes the user search experience to a whole new level.


SearchTap supports a variety of languages and take into account special characteristics of each language out-of-the-box. That means that you can find content in any language, no matter which language was used to enter the search phrase. Our search algorithm works with majorly used languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


SearchTap can consolidate and index data from multiple sources such as PDFs, Documents, Web pages, Databases, Google Drive and Dropbox to offer a rich and unified search experience for end users. Many enterprise applications and SaaS platforms have used the power of SearchTap crawlers and robust APIs to build a unique search experiences across multiple data sources as per their needs.

Search Analytics Report

SearchTap churns all the relevant search data for your business and presents it as useful information which can help you improve customer experience and conversions. An easy to use dashboard saves you the trouble of digging into data to understand search trends. It not only helps to slice and dice engagement numbers for each category and sub-category but also to find profitable user segments and niches.


SearchTap helps you measure every metric that matters to you and your customers: whatever they look for, whatever they find or don’t find, time taken by each search, etc. SearchTap automatically alerts you when users spend statistically more time on particular products or pages as compared to others after performing a search. Our all-in-one dashboard can also be used to personalize search results for specific demographics and locations.

  • Identify ‘Top search queries’
  • Eliminate search dead ends with ‘Zero result queries’
  • Know what products and categories are searched most often.
  • Cultivate effective suggestions

We've raised the bar on server allocation & management in the cloud!

  • Searchtap Distributed Hosted Search
Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

SearchTap provides up to 20X faster load times due to low-density servers, premium hardware, and multiple caching layers. Rest easy knowing that you can respond to those large traffic spikes without any service interruption.

Enterprise Grade Security

Data security is our top priority. We are continuously focused on an all-encompassing, layered approach to providing the highest level of security demanded by business owners & Enterprise IT.

Unique & Robust Architecture

SearchTap's backend distribution technology automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices to ensure almost 100% uptime.


Our distributed network of servers automatically replicates data across 12 regions, and search queries are automatically directed to the closest data center thereby reducing search result latency.

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Seamless Indexing

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Multiple Integrations

SearchTap easily integrates with popular eCommerce & Content management systems such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WordPress, Drupal & Joomla.

Passionate Support

Hundreds of clients around the globe trust SearchTap as their search partner. If you're considering to offer your users a better search experience or just want more information, we're happy to help you.


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We're impressed with SearchTap for a variety of reasons - it's pretty easy to integrate, and search results are intuitively relevant. Checking search analytics our new favorite pastime.

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SearchTap does everything you would want from a hosted search solution. I love the auto-complete and adaptive type correction feature. Super easy to use too!

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We came across SearchTap while redesigning our website. Their hosted search platform was easy and hassle free to integrate. The Instant Search has given great results ever since.

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