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Search revenue contribution goes over 50% after uses SearchTap to improve site search.

  • Our site search was completely completely exceeded our expectation of what an e-commerce search can achieve.

    Aman Hans, CEO at BigSmall - Aman Hans, CEO at BigSmall

About BigSmall

BigSmall is a Delhi-based eCommerce startup that offers customers a variety of niche products. They want to make uncommon and awesome gifts accessible to everyone sitting at home. With relationships with suppliers from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA and the UK, the store has a huge following among young professionals across metros in India.


The BigSmall team was looking to increase conversions organically. In particular, they were looking to improve the experience for mobile users as they accounted for close to 80% of their traffic. They had identified search as one such key area which could deliver results.

“Trying to customize some aspects of the default Shopify search was getting us nowhere so we decided to look for a search solution. At, we want to give our customers a unique experience in every aspect of the site. Once we came across’s ultra-fast search, we knew that it was the kind of experience that would set up apart from the competition,” remarked Aman Hans, CEO at BigSmall.

How upgraded BigSmall’s site search

BigSmall was getting quite a fair bit of traffic on their site and it was important for them to convert website visitors more effectively. After speaking with, BigSmall realized that optimizing their site search experience was something they were ignoring. If high intent visitors could find products that interested them faster then there was a higher chance of them making a purchase rather than dropping off. As they were using Shopify’s native search, users were being routinely led to zero result pages and after which they exited from the site. started by improving the search relevance, speed and the overall search UX. Smart product filters were introduced which would change as the user typed his/her query SearchTap team also configured bubble filters on top of the search results so that users had the option to refine their search quickly without reloading the page. design team helped to customized the layout of the search results page on mobile. This way mobile search users were now able to browse more products and had a higher chance of making a purchase.’s search also offered a customizable zero results page. Being a niche player, there were instances where users searched for products that were not stocked. With this page, BigSmall showcased new products on their store along with a link to view their best sellers instead of just showing a blank page. This re-engagement was a great addition to BigSmall.

Aman says, “Our site search was completely transformed by the team. We were very impressed by how quickly they were able to deliver the new search for our platform. The mobile experience is just amazing.”


Search Revenue
Search bounce rate


1.’s intelligent search contributed more than 50% of overall website revenue as compared to 37% earlier

2. Pages/Session grew by 33% for visitors who were engaged with search

3. Search experience was improved massively and resulted in the Search Bounce Rate lowering by 27% and %Exit Rates falling by 25%

Boost conversions with

Aman goes on to add, “We had massively underutilized our site search. The team had some great ideas about how we could improve visitor engagement and search conversions. Thanks to their experience with brands and online stores, they were able to enhance our website’s search experience and conversions. completely exceeded our expectation of what an e-commerce search can achieve.”

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