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Search contributes to 40% website revenues for Glen Appliances with SearchTap. Here's how.

  •’s product is the complete package for our store. Search now regularly contributes around 40% of our website revenues.

    Ajay Khanda, CEO at Glen Appliances - Ajay Khanda, CEO at Glen Appliances

About Glen Appliances

Established in 1999, Glen Appliances is one of India’s leading home & kitchen appliance brand. With their excellent products and unmatched customer service, they have established a huge retail presence across India. To capitalize on the growing e-commerce trend Glen Appliances setup their own online store in 2015 to offer their products directly to customers.

What made site search difficult on Glen

Glen’s default site search was bare bones and was primarily used by employees and the internal sales team rather than the customers. The search only worked on product SKU IDs which only appealed to a very small set of website visitors who had already shortlisted a particular model. What made matters worse was that search had no typo tolerance either which caused a lot of zero result searches on the site. Users were left with the choice of either navigating the site through its many product categories to find their desired product or exit the site.

How built Glen India’s search

Since the search was underutilized and not a contributor to the store’s revenue, it was not high on the list of priorities for Glen Appliances.

In the 45 day period just before’s implementation Glen Appliances had only 11 sessions when site search was used. Because of how unoptimized the search originally was, it was not surprising to see that 90% of the sessions ended in bounces.

Ajay Khanda, CEO at Glen Appliances explains “We assumed that customers would be able to navigate the site effectively using the website navigation. We were ignorant of how important a well-implemented e-commerce search would be for our platform. After talking with, we recognized that we were losing out on potential sales so wanted to turn things around fast.”

After getting in touch with, however, they realized that selling to online customers needed a different approach. With, Glen Appliances’ online store would have an innovative e-commerce search solution that would increase product findability and engage customers better.

The team identified many opportunities for improvement for the search. The ones that made the biggest difference to Glen Appliances’ website were:

1. Search as you type’s lightning-fast and accurate search as you type technology delivered relevant results from the first keystroke. This was bolstered by’s strong typo tolerance feature which made sure that the search delivered results even for typos instead of a “did you mean...” page. These results, along with smart and relevant filters dynamically changed as the user typed in the rest of or altered their search query.

2. Search Analytics

Since the earlier site search was neglected by Glen Appliances, they didn’t realize how valuable search related analytics could be for customer insights. showed them that by looking at popular search terms and zero results data, the Glen Team could enrich tagging for their offerings. This would go a long way in improving product findability and help conversions.

These insights are now being actively used by Glen’s digital marketing team for SEO and ad campaigns to target more online users.

3. Synonyms

During the implementation, also identified certain search words that could be used as synonyms like “chula” or “choola” for “cooktop”. Setting up synonyms and tags like these helped increase product discovery for Glen Appliances.

4. Bubble Filters implemented bubble filters that appeared on top of the search results. These were the suggested product categories that would help users to narrow down their search quickly. As this interaction would be done without any page reload, search users were less likely to abandon the site. These bubble filters also changed as the search query changed to show the relevant options to users.

5. Smart Dynamic Filters’s smart filters just like bubble filters adapt to the search query. For Glen Appliances this was a necessary aspect of search as they had different categories relating to a variety of products. They wanted only relevant filters to show when users were searching for a specific item like “chimney” or “cooktop”.


> 40%
Contribution to website revenue
> 2.5x
Session duration
> 3x
Conversion rate


1. E-commerce search users contributed 40% revenue in the first 3 months of implementation and had close to 3X overall conversion rate

2. Having an engaging site search led to a 78% lower bounce rate and 57% fewer %exits from Glen India’s website

3. Search user sessions on the Glen India site were 155% longer and they had 133% more Pages/session than the site average is the complete package

“The team was very capable and delivered an amazingly fast and relevant search experience for our website visitors. It’s like, having search on steroids. Working with them was a real eye-opener for us as being a brick-and-mortar oriented company, we didn’t understand the nuances of things which could help enhance online conversions.”

“The team’s expertise in working with B2C brands and e-commerce stores really helped us make up lost ground.’s product is the complete package for our store. Search now regularly contributes around 40% of our website revenues,” says Ajay Khanda with a smile.

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