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SearchTap helps The Man Company grow search-led revenue by 26%

  • We’re very happy working with SearchTap, our mobile search experience is now better than ever.

    Atul Jain, Business Head - eCommerce, The Man Company - Atul Jain, Business Head - eCommerce, The Man Company

About Headphone Zone

Since its inception in 2010, Headphone Zone has become India’s first exclusive online store for headphones, earphones and personal audio devices.

Headphone Zone was born out of Raghav Somani’s realization that most big retailers had little to no understanding of electronic accessories such as headphones or earphones and consumers had few options. The site deals with 100% genuine audio accessories and has even set up a community to better understand and explain their passion for a good pair of headphones.


The Headphone Zone team was not happy with their existing e-commerce search solution. They were using Searchanise and had received many complaints about the lack of filters on the search results page which made refining results quite difficult. This was especially true for mobile devices which contributed to over 60% of their revenues. The team had also been unable to customize the search result page design which was of great importance for a niche player like them.’s role in HeadPhone Zone’s search

“Improving our site search had been on our mind for some time,” Kamna Karamchandani, Digital Marketer at Headphone Zone tells us. “The Searchanise search solution we had did not offer us much in the way of customization. Since we had clear goals in mind about how we wanted to improve our search we were in talks with other search service providers. While some solutions were not offering the customizations we were looking for others had a higher price than we anticipated. We didn’t think we’d get an ideal search solution until we spoke to”

The Headphone Zone team explained these issues to Firstly, they wanted to add filters to the search results page which was something they were not able to provide their customers with Searchanise. Secondly, they wanted to improve the search relevance. And thirdly, they wanted to customize the search results page to effectively communicate about product specifications and variants available to the customer.

Tackling the search results page layout first, the team collaborated with the Headphone Zone team to create a search page that would be a good fit for the website. They wanted to convey a lot of information like warranty, O/S compatibility, sound signature, alternate buying options and colour options among other information. The challenge was to make all this information available to the shopper without being overbearing.

With the search results design finalized, the team implemented their lightning-fast search as you type technology. Using SearchTap’s superior language modelling, Headphone Zone’s search was now able to return relevant results right from the first keystroke. then resolved the lack of filters with Headphone Zone’s site search. Smart dynamic filters were configured which updated automatically to show relevant options as users typed in their search query. Visitors to the e-commerce store could make use of these filters to quickly refine their search without leaving the search page. also worked closely with the Headphone Zone team to implement these filters to enrich the mobile user search experience keeping in mind the Headphone Zone’s visual design and UX/UI guidelines.

The Headphone Zone team wanted more space for products to appear on the search page which meant using up space meant for filters on desktop devices. The team moved the filters above the products to maximise the design space for a better UI/UX. Filter options would appear as soon as a user hovered over them keeping in theme with the rest of the menus on the site.

“There is a huge contrast between Searchanise’s customer support and The team was incredibly helpful and open to our ideas. The onboarding process was a breeze,” Kamna said.


Search revenue
Search click-through rate
Search bounce rate


1. 37% increase in search revenue and 39% increase in search transactions within days of going live

2. Headphone Zone’s new mobile search was a success with a 64% increase in mobile revenue

3. Instant search results helped reduce in search bounce rate by 76%

4.’s interactive design improved search click-through rate by 22%


Kamna goes on to say “The team are quick to respond and have considerable expertise in dealing with Shopify based e-commerce stores. Product findability has increased by a huge margin and conversions have improved for our store. Customers are in love with how smooth search as you type works on our site. The new search has revitalized our customer experience, especially on mobile. With the help of filters, our customers finally have the full ease and convenience of an e-commerce search."

“Working with has been a phenomenal experience,” adds Raghav Somani, Founder at HeadPhoneZone.

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