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How Suta’s search-led revenue jumped 86% with a new search experience.

  • We saw a positive impact from day one. We don’t think our old search could even come close to matching what we’ve seen with SearchTap.

    Sujata Biswas & Tanya Biswas Founders at Suta - Sujata Biswas & Tanya Biswas Founders at Suta

About Suta

Launched in 2016, Suta was the brainchild of sisters Sujata and Taniya Biswas. They had the dream of reinstating the traditional saree as the go-to daily wear. Handcrafted by over 50 weavers from across the country, their sarees always come with a unique personal touch. Over the last few years, the Suta brand has become well-established in the traditional Indian wear segment. Su and Ta express it best when they say “We make sarees that a 3-year-old to a 100-year-old can drape. It’s fuss-free.”


The Suta store needed a curated search to match the level of care they had for their sarees. Site visitors often complained of irrelevant or zero results and the team at Suta were losing out on potential sales.

“Search was not something our team had much experience in so we were using the default Shopify search,” explains Raksha Rane from the Suta team. Suta was aware that a good search experience was crucial to improving their sales. “We realized we had to turn things around without losing any more time,” she continued.

SearchTap’s Role in improving Suta’s eCommerce search

The most common problem that comes with the default Shopify search is the poor search experience on mobile. Delivering a good search UX/UI for mobile is one of the first steps that we worked on with Suta. The new customized UX/UI made the search bar more accessible. Visitors would now be able to access the search with ease. As a result, this improved the number of visitors making use of the brand new and powerful search.

After the SearchTap implementation, search users would also see mobile app-like filters. These filters helped them narrow down to the products they wanted to see within milliseconds. These filters also didn’t need any reload time either and would be applied instantly. And unlike the default Shopify filters, Suta was able to create customized filters to simplify the purchase journey. These Smart Dynamic Filters a great way to ease the navigation of store visitors across devices.

Search results were delivered faster with SearchTap’s search-as-you-type technology. This featured a strong typo-tolerance algorithm that showed relevant results instead of a “did you mean” page in case of simple typos. This resulted in the search users having an uninterrupted shopping experience. Streamlining this process helped decrease the bounce rate for the store, especially on mobile. By removing the need for the search results page to reload again and again, the search bounce rate reduced.

The best part was that the search-as-you-type worked in conjunction with smart dynamic filters. This meant that filters would update to the most relevant options automatically. This made the customer journey as seamless as possible as well as reduced the chances of zero-result pages.

SearchTap is also compatible with Shopify’s default currency converter. Prices in the search results pages would change based on the client location. These results also showed up within the blink of an eye.

Raksha says, “I am amazed at the speed with the search speed and experience. The implementation was also extremely easy thanks to the SearchTap team.”


Search revenue
Mobile search users
Search bounce rate


1. 86% increase in Search revenue contribution & 92% increase in Search-led Transactions

2. 67% rise in Mobile Search Users & 75% increase in revenue through Mobile Search Users

3. 78% drop in Search Bounce Rate & 72% growth in Search Users


Sujata and Taniya love the new site search, “We saw a positive impact from day one. We don’t think our old search could even come close to matching what we’ve seen with SearchTap. Our engagement metrics have seen a big uptick since we improved our search and now our site search has a very meaningful impact on our revenues.”

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