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SearchTap helps The Man Company grow search-led revenue by 26%

  • We’re very happy working with SearchTap, our mobile search experience is now better than ever.

    Atul Jain, Business Head - eCommerce, The Man Company - Atul Jain, Business Head - eCommerce, The Man Company

About The Man Company

Launched in 2015 by Parvesh Bareja, Hitesh Dhingra and Bhisham Bhateja, The Man Company sought to fill the gap present in the Indian Male Grooming space. Since then they have grown to become one of the market leaders in this segment. Many investors also see their potential and have backed up their trust in this venture by frequent rounds of funding.

TMC’s product range is aimed to please the increasingly self-aware Indian men with facewashes, fragrances, and bath soaps among others specially made for men. They also take care to make paraben & SLS free products.


With the growing scope of the men grooming industry in India, market leader The Man Company wanted to keep its edge. While they had established an offline presence as well, they are at heart an eCommerce first business and continually looking to grow online. They were looking at ways to optimize the customer experience on their website even further. After the TMC team spoke with SearchTap, they recognized that their store’s search could be improved on.

How SearchTap helped

Atul Jain, Business Head of eCommerce at The Man Company explains, “We wanted to make the purchase journey easier and since our previous solution was not offering many customizations we were looking for alternatives. SearchTap's speed and customizability looked to be a good fit.” To start with the SearchTap & TMC teams worked to give a unique look to the search box and results page on desktop and mobile.

This made the search bar more easily accessible for visitors coming on to the TMC store. The product layout on this page was also customized to give out the most detailed information to shoppers and giving them the option to complete their purchase quickly.

Major customization came with the personalized filters for the store. SearchTap’s Smart Dynamic Filters could allow TMC to include any number of filter that they wanted. Filters with specific use cases were now possible and this made shopping on the store effortless for search users.

These filters are also very responsive and automatically change as visitors types in their search query. Along with a strong typo-tolerant search, this meant that visitors would be able to find relevant products faster. Our Search-as-you-type technology also delivered search results in the blink of an eye making the search experience even more seamless. Superior language modelling made sure that TMC search users would be able to see relevant results from the first keystroke

If any customer would search a product that wasn’t offered by TMC, SearchTap’s customized no-results page showed popular categories instead of showing a blank page. This meant that these users could further interact with the site and might find something else that they like.

Finally, with search analytics from SearchTap, TMC also got to know about popular and zero-result search terms. This insight was important to strengthen their SEO and marketing along with improving the relevance of search results on their store.


Search revenue
Mobile Search Users
Conversion Rate


1. 26% rise in search-led revenue & 43% increase in transactions by Search Users

2. 36% growth in Mobile Search Users & 13% increase in Mobile Conversion Rate


“We’re very happy working with SearchTap, our mobile search experience is now better than ever. The customizations they offered were exactly what we were looking for,” continued Atul.

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