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  • We didn’t expect that a search solution would help us improve our storefront as well...with we have search users converting more frequently than ever.

    Yash Gangwal, Founder, Urban Monkey - Yash Gangwal, Founder, Urban Monkey

About Urban Monkey

Urban Monkey is India’s leading platform for the underground street culture of India. Keeping in line with this radical philosophy Urban Monkey brings together unique designs and India’s burgeoning Alternate movement. They take pride in being an all vegetarian brand, meaning no animals are harmed or used in the production of their wares. Their ALT Star initiative, where Alternate artists and athletes co-exist, share their stories and experiences, also has a large social media following.

Since the team also wanted to have a real social impact, they contribute 4% of their revenues to directly educate the underprivileged children.


As an upcoming brand, Urban Monkey was having a tough time trying to optimize their search. The site search was not performing up to the mark and conversions were suffering because of it. With constantly varying inventory, they wanted a solution that would take care of data syncing automatically. Aakash, Digital Marketing Head at Urban Monkey, goes on to say “We had a lot of things on our plate and unfortunately improving our search kept getting pushed back. On top of that, we did not have the expertise required to build a fantastic e-commerce search from the ground up.

How helped Urban Monkey

The Urban Monkey team were having a negative outcome using the default Shopify search. Customers were bouncing off after search usage which is the hallmark of bad user experience and customizing it wasn’t an option. When they realised that this was also getting in the way of maximization their revenues, came on board. The biggest hurdles for this that the team realized were loading times, no filters and the lack of typo tolerance.

Since search users are typically closer to making a purchase, they are more likely to exit a site when they are not shown relevant results. With a strong typo tolerance and search filters, was able to keep these customers on site longer and helped them convert better.

After integrating SearchTap, relevant results started appearing within milliseconds of Urban Monkey customers typing in the search bar with’s search as you type and language modelling technology. Smart filters were also set up so that they would appear as per the user search term. All this helped users to search and get to exact results without wasting any time.

With’s live-indexing, Urban Monkey’s catalogue was kept up to date in real-time. Its auto-sync capabilities instantly capture any changes in price, product modification, and inventory updates. This ensured that visitors to the Urban Monkey website would always see the latest offerings at all times. This helped to significantly reduce the exit rates for the store. also helped to improve the mobile search experience working closely with the Urban Monkey team. implemented smart filters on mobile which looked like a native app so that mobile users could refine their searches with ease. also allowed the Urban Monkey team to customize the product listing with “Add to Cart” functionality to capitalize purchase intent on the search results page itself.

According to Yash, the Founder at Urban Monkey, “The speed of the new search is incredible. The team was willing to go above and beyond to help us customize our results page. We really felt that they were a part of our team during the whole process.”


Search revenue
Page views via search
Mobile search bounces


1. Close to 3x rise in Search Revenue and Transactions with in the first-month post go live

2. We saw the same story with Urban Monkey’s new mobile search - 3x growth in Search Revenue and Transactions. Bounce rate also dropped by 25%.

3. The new search helped engagement across the site as Bounce rates and %Exit rates dropped by 22% and 8% respectively


Looking forward, Aakash expects his team to make use of’s custom analytics in ad campaigns. “With the analytics about most popular categories, we will be able to segment our customers and improve our marketing and SEO. This will be a great way to learn more about our sales funnel,” he explains.

“Working with team was a fantastic experience. We didn’t expect that a search solution would help us improve our storefront as well. While earlier we used to see a one-off sale from our search, with we have search users converting more frequently than ever,” Yash continues.

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